2 New Tron Legacy Official Trailer and New Clip Previews

I was 12 when my parents first let me go to the movies by myself. Being the fat young Atari nerd that I was, it would be only natural that I would choose the movie Tron
to pester my poor, put-upon, long suffering parents about seeing (the summer before, I think the film of the moment had been Wargames). My dad would usually suffer through anything at the movies with the family – I think he slept through everything with us from Pete’s Dragon, to The Matrix
– but he always insisted he was awake. When it came to Tron though – ‘that videogame movie’ – well, that’s where he drew the line. He told mom to give Cylon Tommy and I ten bucks each to go see it on a Saturday Matinee.

Check out the actual original theatrical trailer that drove my 12 year old monkey-brain into a frenzy over seeing this flick!

And then check out the brand new theatrical trailer for Tron Legacy – the sequel to Tron, starring Jeff Bridges, Olivia Wilde,  Bruce Boxleitner,  and Garrett Hedlund – coming to US theaters December 17th, 2010.

Tron: Legacy Official Trailer 2 (HD). Watch more top selected videos about: Computers, Olivia Wilde
Until Dec 17th to get your affairs in orders kiddies!

By your command…

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